Kinder Nerds

portrait-1152472_960_720As I get older, I have less tolerance for overly negative critics. The more I think about it, they just seem like trolls. They will take a book, movie, song, or other artistic piece, rip it apart with their narrow opinion, and pass it off as fact. They ignore the hours, days, months, or years put into the object of their disdain.

I am not saying every artistic work should be praised as an epic masterpiece, but you can analyze it without the worst of your “nobody loves me so, I hate everything” attitude.

In addition, when did being a nerd become some exclusive club? I remember when being a nerd just meant you were an outcast and sometimes you were lucky and found some other nerds who shared some common interests. Maybe you became friends. Now, male nerds terrorize female nerds and say they are not real nerds, why? Is it because they look happy or have friends? Maybe they have these friends because they are kind, polite and don’t belittle everyone they meet. Angry people sitting in dark rooms shooting off hateful blogs about books, music, and movies that most other nerds love and cherish just because they thought something was missing, or it was not how they imagined it. The world does not revolve around you.

Of course, I am stating my own views and opinions here in this blog; this statement is not fact or derived from any scholarly study. I would just like to see nerds behave like nerds again. Why not be friendly outcasts that welcome other outcasts, don’t be afraid of an opinion other than your own. Agree that an opinion is not a fact or the opinion of the entire subculture. Lastly, enough with the click bait and articles intended to enrage everyone. We have more than enough of that already.

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